"People think that stories are shaped by people. In fact, it's the other way around"


                       Terry Pratchett 


Sometimes, after reading stories of people who experienced adventures, big steps in their life, changes or just daily miracles, I feel reconnected to everything.


Sometimes, after reading articles and posts about spirituality, personal development and a healthy lifestyle, I feel more love inside me than before.


And every time, after reading something, i am growing and I am a little bit bigger, than I was before.




In my Blog I will bring you the wisdom of the world a little bit closer. I want to open your eyes for the different perspective and for a better life, full of peace, which we can choose every day.


I want to share my experience about modern spirituality, personal development and how it is possible to grow, through all the little miracles which happen every day.


Stay connected Be creative Believe in more

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