The Meaning

Mangalmay is a word which has it's origin in India and means blissful.. 

Bliss is the peak of all feelings, which we all want to reach. But many people searching for bliss in the wrong place. 


Blissful are those, who stay connected with our mother nature, our roots, our essence of life. Who treat our entire environment just the way we want to be treated. Those who are aware of goodness and those who are rooted and kind at all time. 

Blissful are those, who never hide their fully creative potential. Who are afraid of the outcome, but doing it anyway. Those who listen to their heart, to their instinct and trust life.

Blissful are those, who believe in more than just the average. Who dream, who create, who love. Those ones who see the world as a miracle and fully believe in the impossible. 


Stay connected Be creative Believe in more 



To make the world a better place.

To be the change, our Planet needs urgently.



Our mother nature gives us all resources to fulfil our life with happiness, wealth and piece. Unfortunately the world stopped to believe in it and instead of using nature’s power, humans rather destroy it and therefor also themselves.



With Mangalmay I want to bring back the Believe in our origin. The Believe that there is a source, bigger and more powerful than everything what human beings ever created.



The Energy of Love.



This power is much bigger than just the romantic kind of view. It is all over and ruled our entire Universe.


We find Love every day, every Minute and every second, wherever we are or wherever we go. It is there, at all time.


Through the eyes of Love, we will not harm the nature; we will not harm our animals and especially not ourselves. We will see the great gifts, we receive every day.



With Mangalmay I want to open eyes. Eyes for all the little things, the planet gives us to provide a beautiful and healthy life to all of us.



There are many ways of upcycling unused items before they end up as rubbish. Many ways to build a recycled and almost plant based home. Many ways of having a delicious and plant based diet. Many ways to avoid plastic and rubbish in general.  And also many ways of thinking and go through our daily life. We can go through life in seeing clear facts, or we can go through life in seeing the miracle in everything what exists.



"Do you know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants a magical solution to their problem, and everyone refuses to believe in magic."

                                                                                                         Alice in Wonderland





Who I am






I am Cristin. Born and raised in the little harbour town Flensburg, Germany.


After 34 years of being on our wonderful planet, I have learned a lot. But one of the most important things life teached me so far, is to trust the path I am going and to have faith in every decision I make in my life. Because either it is good, or it is our teacher. Nothing is ever bad and everything is always for us, never against us. With every bad time we went through, we are growing more, and the time after it, is even better than ever before.


Already in my younger years, I had faith in life and knew that there will be a solution for everything. I was an emotional person who could feel a lot. I felt emotions, if good or bad, of other people immediately. A long time I felt bad because of that. I didn’t quite understand that many other people don’t feel the same way like me and therefore I thought, I am wrong and need to behave better.


I always believed in more than I could see. Earlier, I didn’t really know what it was; I just knew there was something. I sensed it with all of my cells.  


Today I know that I was never wrong or bad. I was just working different than others, which is not just perfectly fine; it is also very beautiful to feel such things. Today I see it as a blessing, while I saw it as a course in my younger days. Now I know that I am exactly right the way I am, that we all exactly right the way we are and how we are born.  Now I know that the feeling I always had, the thing I couldn’t see but feel, it was Love. It was the Energy which surrounds us all, every minute, every second.


And I am still learning, every day.



Upcycling Interior Designer



Until a long time, I didn’t realize that my vision and my eye for certain things is special, unique and different compare to many others. I always thought that everybody can do the same like me. I saw my talent as a normal thing, something average.


But after a while and after people kept telling me, that I can create amazing things, I started wondering, if I do have a special talent and maybe some hidden skills.


When I see items lying on the side of the road, when I see empty rooms, or just a piece of wood or boring furniture, my mind starts to be enormous creative. It starts to be full of colours and I can feel how my heart opens.


What I love is to bring more sunshine into homes, more character and feeling of security. All in connection with sustainable and upcycled furniture, natural colours, resources from nature or second hand goods.




Vegan and plant based



A plant based diet is not just extremely healthier for our body, taste better and gives us our natural power back. It also prevents the suffering of millions of poor animals who got killed every day. Who got punished under the worse conditions we can’t even imagine.


Let’s get back to our source and be grateful for all the food our mother nature provides us.

After 3 years living a vegan lifestyle, i want to share the magic of creating the most delicious vegan recipes. 


DIY Lover




Already as a kid I started doing things by myself. And I still love it. And also here, nature has a way of offering us many resources for art and craft. Also if we would need some manufactured goods sometimes, I try to use as many natural goods and second hand items as I can.






Not just when it comes to Art and Craft my mind goes crazy creative, I also experience things and it doesn’t take long and a story appears in my mind. I can’t think of a time where it wasn’t like that. As soon as I learned writing as a kid, I wrote my first stories. I remember I had a whole book full of them.


Unfortunately, through higher career expectations of my environment, I never considered it as a talent or even a job, until now.


Since a few years I am writing blog posts and little things here and there. I just finished my first kids book and will publish my first novel soon.


Mangalmay is not just a platform for creative and sustainable inspiration, it is also page where you can get inspired by stories of experience. Experience of me or people I know. Stories who tell you about modern Spirituality, Personal Development, the magic of life and the miracles of the universal power, which comes across me and everyone else.



Nature Lover and Traveller



I can say, since I started travelling 6 years ago, it was not just a discovery journey through a lot of different cultures; it was mainly a discovery journey to myself.  


After many adventures I had, incredible people I have met, after going through the most terrifying and also most beautiful times, after discovering the most stunning landscapes and also the poorest areas, I will never miss travelling again. It shaped myself, it shaped my soul.


Connecting with nature means freedom to me. It means going back to our source, saying Hello. It is like visiting our family. Because that’s what nature is.