We human beings

“So wake me up when it’s all over, when I’m wise and when I’m older, all this time I was finding myself and I didn’t know I was lost."                                                                                                      Avicii



We are lost. We are lost in thoughts, lost in society and lost in values.

We are wise. But we forgot about it. 




We human beings


We are fear, we are ego, we are critic, we are stress, we are expectations.


Or not?


Imagine we are facing the fear, instead of avoiding it, let it happen.

Imagine we stop feeding our ego with thoughts and just BE, flow with the wave of life.

Imagine we are sowing compliments in other humans, instead of criticise them, giving love.

Imagine we stop the pressure inside us, be calm and listen to our intuition, not the mind.

Imagine we will follow our dreams instead of expectations.


And now imagine how the world would be.


We would be flowers in all different colors on a bright green field.

Flowers are simply growing, just the way they are supposed to grow. No matter what color they are, how tall they are or how fast they are growing

Beauty will be found in every single one of them.

Where is the enthusiasm of human beings in simply growing? Where is the love to just be who we are? Where is the acceptance, the appreciation, the passion in simply BE? Where is all of that?


We are obsessed. We are obsessed in being someone we are not supposed to be.


Incorrect Values come out on top, just as Power or Success.

The more we want, the higher the price. And the price is our life! Now ask the question and answer it with the full truth of your heart!




We got Power.  Many of us human beings are in powerful positions.

Power can be seen as a wonderful gift, a gift to help, a gift to do good, a gift to make other smile, a gift to heal and a gift to give. 

Power can be seen as dreadfulness, to punish people, to use people, to make others miserable, to cause fear and anxiety.

Power is a decision to make people happy or unhappy, to make our world better or worse.  To work in flow with our nature, or against it.

Is your goal to make money, have a status and be always the best for the outside? You are working against our nature and you will reach frustration.

Is your goal to make a difference in our world, do positive for others and let failures happen? You work in flow and you will reach happiness.

Let flow in our life. Flow means to be truly in accordance with our thoughts, words and acting’s. To be in total balance with body, mind and soul. Flow means Intuition. It means the absolute trust in your own way. Flow means our heart is rising. It means the acceptance, that everything is supposed to be exactly the way it comes anyway.

Flow means to let go. Let go, and let it happen.

Flow means to empty yourself and let it be filled by the universe.


Let's not be upset when darkness falls, you never know if the dark cloud is just there for the rain, to water the roots of your life and let you grow.


Let's rise. Rise up like the sun. Rise up like the moon, which shows her full beauty just inside the darkness. Let's flow like the circle of day and night, like ebb and flow of the big oceans.

As soon as we flow, as soon as we let go, something magical will happen. In letting go we open a new space. Letting go means empty our bag full of worries we collected all lifelong. Emptying means to feel lightness. To feel freedom and open a new space for the magic of our dreams and visions. But if we hold on, hold on to worries, hold on to unsatisfied behaviors, hold on to bad habits or hold on to just one certain opportunity, one certain way of acting, we won't have space for other options, for other paths and for the change we need to be happy.


Think the same way you always did, and you will get the same shit you always got.

Do the same things you always did and you will get the same shit you always got.

Speak the same words you always did, and you will get the same shit you always got.


Let's match our consciousness with our heart, our soul. You want to reach new goals in your life? Stop thinking you won't get it, stop thinking you are not good enough, stop thinking it might not happen. How can something entering your life without your permission? Believe! Believe in what you want, let go and a miracle will happen.

Stop thinking and let's be open minded. Let's be free spirits. Let's be obsessed with the unknown. Let's fully believe in the impossible.


But we are obsessed. We are obsessed in being someone we are not supposed to be.


We are born as natural beauties. We are born exactly the way how the world needs us. That’s who we are, that’s our nature, that’s our natural way of growing, just like the flowers do.

But we try to change. We try to change so hard into somebody, who is not related to our heart and soul and we don't notice that we are losing ourselves.

We are born as children of the universe. We are born with a gift, with a very own and special sense in life. But this sense will vanish into the air when we start trying to be someone else.


And wouldn’t that be a loss for our planet?


If we don’t listen to our heart, we disappear. The silence will tell us our disappearance. When you don’t hear your heart smiling anymore, but instead your mind, you know you are fading away.

Our mother nature is our best and most loveliest role model.


Trees are one of the most important suppliers for our oxygen and ensure beauty in our world. Imagine a tree would decide to cover itself in mood, because it thinks it doesn’t look good enough. We would all die.


Spiders helping us to maintain our ecosystem.  Imagine a spider would hide in a hole because the world consider it as ugly. Our agriculture would suffer a loss.


Imagine a bee would stop to pollinate flowers because her parents tell her to be a strong hunter instead. All life would not be the same anymore.


But no animal, no plant, no living being on this planet works against their nature, except of us humans.



And now imagine we would just BE. Like the nature is doing. Without any thoughts of right or wrong.  Our Planet will be full of love and passion, full of smiles and happiness. If we stop listen to our mind and start looking inside us, the world would be the most beautiful universe.


Our planet loses many little miracles who are passionate, who love and live their fully potential.


Our mother nature listen to its intuition, can we do the same?


We human beings are obsessed. We are obsessed in being someone we are not supposed to be.


Let's be open minded. Let our reality not be identified by our senses but instead by our dreams, visions and fantasies. Let's not wait for the cause and the affect but instead, let's be the causer of the affect.

Let's be obsessed with the unknown, obsessed with our passions. Let's bring our very own creativity out in that wonderful world and enlighten everybody. Let's show OURselfes! We are a bunch full of potential, full of beauty and full of uniqueness. Let's be aware of that.


One of the marvels of the world is the sight of the soul, sitting in a prison with the key in its hand. That’s what Rumi said. 


Enlightening means waking up from the deep sleep of life. Enlightening means to finally use the key and open the door to a world of opportunities, of trust, of flow, love and harmony. Enlightening means saying goodbye to our ego and hello to our higher self, our full potential, our strength, faith and creativity.

Open the door means to finally let the sunshine in. But most of the time the door stays closed. Fear is standing in front of it, to make sure we are not going out in this dangerous world.


We are afraid to fail, afraid to get judge, afraid of the unknown, afraid of losing.

But what happen when we go out? Did you ever try it? How will you know what happen when you never try?

A Lionheart feels fear in the same way we feel it. But the difference is, a Lion is afraid but is doing it anyway. And now ask yourself, what would happen if a Lion acts like a human?

Open the door of the prison and you will ALWAYS find beauty behind it. And if there are clouds- go through it because behind the cloud, the bright green field will welcome you and you will belong to one of the most gorgeous flowers. The world just won another wonderful creative and loving inspiration, who can make a positive change.


Wouldn’t it be a loss for our planet to don’t use the key and open the door?


Everything is a circle. And if we let our brightest light shining into that circle, we light up the universe and therefore our planet. In that circle, the light will charge its energy and multiply it a thousand times. And then it comes back to us, brighter as we can ever imagine.

If we keep our light just for us, it won’t come out, it will hide inside us. And if we don’t multiply our light and our love, we will never know how it is to truly live in glory and bliss.


 We are lost. We are lost in thoughts, lost in society and lost in values. 

We are wise. But we forgot about it. 



“So wake me up when it’s all over, when I’m wise and when I’m older, all this time I was finding myself and I didn’t know I was lost”   Avicii