The Asia Adventure Part 2

...We have got 10 minutes to book a flight from Bali to New Zealand. I grabbed my Phone, put it on charge and opened Skyscanner. We booked the cheapest flight in around we could find. We decided to stay around 3 weeks in Bali. We were running back to the counter. The counter was closed but the women still there. She was friendly and did let us in. And again, in the very last second, we jumped into the plane.

After a 7 hours stopover in Singapore and a 72 hours journey in total, we finally arrived Bali. We booked a Hostel in Kuta for the first night. My chough was getting worse and I spend the night at the pool, just to don’t wake up the people in the Bedroom. The next morning, I have been quite exhausted. Me and Kris decided to rent a scooter and go up to Ubud. This town is a little Paradise full of temples, yoga retreats, cute Cafes and Restaurants, nice Markets and a lot of Nature like rice fields and Rainforest. It is one of my favourite Places on earth so far, I absolutely love this little town. We enjoyed the time and tried a lot of different Restaurants. We booked a very nice Hostel and met lovely people there.


Unfortunately, my coughing was still there and just next to my Hostel bed was a big moody mark on the wall. That will make my cough even worse, I thought, and I asked the Manager for a new bed. He just had one more bed, perfect I thought. I wasn’t together with Kris anymore in a room, but that was ok. The new bed was just free for one night and I had to leave the next day.


Related to a high request, the Manager opened another room, which was usually closed. So, I stayed there with another German girl and a German guy as well as a very funny guy from Japan. All three were such nice people. At night I went into my bed, grabbed a book and the blanked. I felt very comfy until I saw a fat bed bug just next to me at the wall. That can’t be true, I thought.  But it was. In my first Asia story I told you already about my terrifying Bed Bug experience. I made my way down to the Manager and told him what happened. He organized that people helped him to put all the wooden Beds out of the room. He left the mattresses there, so that we all could lay on the floor. That seems alright with us, until I saw the bed bugs were still there. There was not even one more free bed in the Hostel. So, the Manager told us to grab our scooters and follow him. We packed just a small Bag and followed him. It was Midnight and we drove around 30 minutes through rice fields and passed little temples until we arrived a huge house. The house looked like a spa retreat. He guided us into it and said that this house belongs to a friend of him and we should stay the night over there.

We were extremely happy because it was just amazing there. We had a big bathroom with pool outside and a huge Queen size bed. After sleeping in Hostels for a long time, this was a good upgrade. Unfortunately, just for one night. The day after we had to head back to the hostel where he had space for all of us. I was so exciting to tell Kris the story where I have been the last night and she couldn’t believe what happened, in a positive way of course.


But we didn’t know, that the next adventure was already on it’s way. The next night we decided to visit the volcano in the center of Bali. Normally people take bus rides to the volcano, but we decided to do it by our own with our scooters. To see the sunrise, we had to leave at 1 am in the night. Kris, Me and a few other people from the hostel started our trip together. At the beginning everything seems fine and we were totally excited. But it was a long drive and after a while, the streets were getting very bad, full of holes and stones. It was extremely dark, without any streetlights.

We reduced our speed and arrived the volcano after 2 hours drive. We have been on top of a little bridge. From there we drove down a long Hill to get to the bottom of the volcano. Our plan was to climb it and see the sunrise from the top. As we arrived at the bottom of the hill, we couldn’t find the entrance of the volcano. It was even darker down there and we drove around fields and little sandy roads. Suddenly, a few guys on their scooters stopped us. Three of them behind us and three of them in front of us. They were obviously locals and asked us, if we want to go to the volcano. We said yes. But in that moment, they started to ask us for money. A ridiculous high amount of money, apparently the entrance fee for the volcano. Of course, we didn’t believe them and told them we won’t pay anything.


But in that moment, they got very serious about their money. We started to be afraid. Me and Kris were together on one scooter, I was driving. I just looked behind me and in front of me. They were everywhere. I started panicking and the only thing I could think about was escaping. I speed up, and so everybody else. It felt like a wild chase in a movie. As I looked on the petrol in between, I was shocked. Our petrol was empty. And again, I was praying to survive that night. We speed up as fast as we could through all the sandy roads between the dark fields. But at one point, the Indonesian guys took a turn and disappeared. Relieved we decided to go back to the bridge. But it was a little way back and our scooter was about to die. But all of a sudden, in the middle of nowhere was a little stand. An older woman worked in that stand. She sold scarfs, little jewelries and petrol. I couldn’t believe that this woman was actual real and her stand open in the middle of the night, somewhere between fields and mountains.

So, we were able to fill up our petrol and got back to the top of the bridge with a good conscience. We felt relieved. Another woman had a little shop just next to the bridge. She offered us coffee. We enjoyed that coffee while we were waiting for the sun going up. It was one of the most beautiful mornings I’ve ever had in my life so far. We enjoyed the red and purple sky relieved and totally relaxed. The clouds were half around the volcano. It was a view I have never had so far. And we were even thankful that we couldn’t climb the volcano, because in that case we wouldn’t be able to see it.



A wonderful morning started, and we made our way back to the Hostel, passed shiny rice fields, covered with morning dew, saw the first people working on the side of the road and the palm trees glowing in the morning sun. It felt like a meditative Scooter drive.

My cough was still active and slowly I was getting annoyed and exhausted. I talked to a girl in my hostel about that. She told me, that a friend of her had the same for a long time. And first as she tried some homeopathic medicine, her cough disappeared. So, I went to a homeopathic doctor in Ubud. It was amazing. He had his office in a very old and mysterious temple.  I drove a little path with my scooter until I reached a big gate. I parked and jumped off the scooter. But I jumped immediately on my scooter again as I’ve heard a very aggressive dog barking like anything. A woman came and said, she will lock the dog inside, that I will be able to pass the gate. I passed the Gate and entered the temple. In the main room the walls were full of old medicine bottles and books. In the middle a big desk. I explained the doctor, an older Indonesian man, the reason I am there. He gave me a tiny bottle with some little balls to take three times a day. Just after a quick time, my cough was gone. I couldn’t believe it and I was just happy.



After an adventurous but good time in Ubud, we made our way back to Kuta, to take a boat to the tropical Gili Islands.  We booked a Hostel and Kris chilled that night in her room. I met people just outside the Hostel and started to have nice conversations with them. Before it got dark, I moved with those travelers to the beach. We spend our night at a beautiful cocktail bar just in front of the ocean. At midnight I decided to go back to the hostel. But as I tried to grab my bag, I couldn’t find it. My bag was gone. I looked everywhere around me. Nothing, it was gone. And then I just realized what was inside. My Passport, all my money, my cards, my phone, my medicine, literally everything what was important. For those who have been in South East Asian country’s know probably, that they can be very corrupt. I knew in that moment I will never see anything of those things again in my life. And I didn’t. Kris helped me a lot in that time and I am more than thankful for that, because that was the start of our next adventure.

The Gili Island belong to Lombok, which is an Island just next to Bali. The Gili Islands itself don’t have any Police Station which was the reason I had to go to Lombok, to get a Police Report. Kris escorted me all the time, she was amazing and patient.

At the Police Office in the North of Lombok, we were desperately looking for any officer. But the only one we could find was a guy behind bars, obviously a prisoner. He tried to flirt with us. We asked him where the officer is, he pointed on a little room with his hand. We knocked on the door, but nobody opened. As I walked in, I saw the police officer, sleeping on a mattress with a shirt full of flowers and a sun hat. As he finally woke up, I explained him my story. He gave me a piece of paper and said I should fill that up. So, I wrote my own police report while the officer went back to his mattress. In the end, he gave me a signature and a stamp. We left the office and got a taxi to the south of Lombok. From there we took a night ship back to Bali. This ship wasn’t a real passenger ship, it was more for industrial matters, but they left a few passengers on board as well. Me and Kris were laid down on top of the huge ship. It was night with a sky full of stars.

And again, a peaceful and harmonic moment in a crisis. We fully enjoyed it until a local guy came and started talking to us. He asked what we are planning to do when we arrive the land. We had no idea, probably book a hostel there and get back to the city tomorrow. But he told us that in this town, where the boat stops, are no hostels or hotels and no taxis and if we don’t have our own transport we will be not safe, because it is a dangerous area. Perfect, we thought!

We had no idea what to do. In that moment, we noticed that there were three people on the top of the ship as well, who were obviously no locals as well. We asked them how they will get away. It was a couple with their friend, all from Russia and no one of them spoke English. We talked with hands and feet and tried to explain them our situation. Somehow, they understood us and made us understand, that they can give us a lift to Denpasar, the next city. At the harbor, the three guys came with two scooters.

How the fuck should we do that, we thought and started laughing. Three people with three big Backpacks and three small Backpacks on one scooter. But we also didn’t had any other choice. Me and Kris were sitting with the Russian guy, who wasn’t skinny at all, together on one scooter. I sat in the very back and carried one big Backpack and a little one in my hands. All the rest was in the front between the legs of the guy. We started driving. But he was very fast, and I had around 5 cm in the back to sit, so I asked him to please slow down a little. But he didn’t understand me and probably thought I like how he was driving, because from that moment he speeded up even more. I just closed my eyes, held my arms around Kris and hoped we will survive. We did. In Denpasar they left us off the scooter. Thankfully we said goodbye, grabbed a taxi and drove to the next hostel.


The next day we booked two scooters to get to Sanur, the place were the German Embassy is. Kris was thankfully still on my side. At the embassy they told me, a temporary passport will take up to 4 weeks. I was shocked.  Just five days after was our flight to New Zealand. The embassy explained me that there is no chance to take that flight.

My Airline changed my flight for free, Kris gave me money for the rest of my stay and I sorted out, that my passport is ready in two weeks’ time. I have book a beautiful and tropical Hostel in Sanur to stay close to the embassy. The Hostel was surrounded by heaps of palm trees and little Gardens. It was also just a minute drive to the beach. I have got a room just for myself there and I enjoyed it. Kris took her flight to New Zealand already, I was alone. And the last week, I have got Dengue Fever. Dengue Fever is a tropical sickness, like Malaria. I probably got it from mosquito bites. My body was getting weaker every day and my fever went up. My Body was covered in red dots. I didn’t know what to do, because Kris just gave me enough money for food, I didn’t have spare money for a doctor or any medicine. And it was impossible for me to receive any other money without my passport.

I asked the embassy if they could help me out in those situation, but they weren’t able to give me anything. I just tried to drink a lot of water, that was my only medicine. But it helped. One day before my flight was going, my Passport arrived. I drove back to the City where we booked the scooter, to bring it back. I felt still weak and dizzy, but better than a few days before.


At the Airport, I saw many people eating, sitting together and having Pizzas, Pasta or local food. Suddenly I was starving, and I wished something to eat. But I wanted to keep the last little amount of money I had for my arrival in New Zealand. In that moment I felt alone and lost. I sat down on the floor against a wall and started to cry.


With 8 Dollar I arrived in New Zealand, the bus to the city was 16 Dollar. The Bus driver was very kind and let me in for free, after I explained him my Situation a little bit. I arrived at a friend place in Auckland, but this is another story.


I really hope you liked this second part of my Asian story. The next one will be the third part, which will be the explanation of my feelings at those time. I will tell you what life teaches me through all that stories and what I still carry in my heart, for what I am thankful and for what some decisions were good. Because now, I see those travels with totally different eyes than at that time. 


And of course, I would be more than happy if you like my Instagram page and follow me, as well as recommend it to friends!! I would love to reach a lot of people with my stories and creations.



Thank you so much! I wish you a great day, enjoy, relax and be peaceful. 

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