Super Booster Kale Broccoli Soup


What you need for approximately 4 Persons


- 1 head Broccoli

- 1 bunch Kale

- 1 can of coconut cream

- veggie stock (please make sure that this is from an organic store and contents just natural ingredients, always look on the backside ;))

- 2 onions

- 2 Garlic cloves

- a hand full fresh Basil 

- Spices: Salt, Pepper, Chilli, Parsley

- A blender 

- optional a WOK 


How do you make it


First of all cut the onions and the garlic in little pieces and fry them quickly until they are soft, put them to the side.

After that you cut the Kale and the Broccoli in little pieces, put them also to the side. 

Now you fill a Pot or much better a WOK with 1 Liter of Veggie Stock. Please add the Kale, the Broccoli, the Basil, the Garlic and the fried Onions into the Stock Water. Let it boil on low heat for around 30 minutes. 

After the vegetables are soft enough, put everything together (included the Stock Water) in a blender and stir it until it is liquid. You might have to do that 2 times, it depends how big your blender is. 

Then you put everything back into the WOK. 

Add the can of Coconut Cream. 

And now the most important thing- the spices :) 

-  2 tsp Chilli  - 3 tsp parsley   - season with Salt and Pepper 



                                                          Bon Appetit