Dreamcatcher with pearls

What do you need to create this spiritual item


A Ring- you can get this easily in the nature. Just take some soft branches, or one big one. Bundle them together with a thin ribbons. And of course, most of the art&craft stores offer those kind of rings as well. 


Wool- you need thick wool to cover the ring, as well as thin wool for the spider web inside. 


Pearls- you can get pearls in every art&craft shop. But you can also have a look at second hand shops, they might have some beautiful pearls as well. But we can also stay natural. If you have a beach close by just go there and collect some shells. Make carefully a little hole inside the shell so that the Wool will fit into it. 


Feathers- you can easily find them in the Nature. Just have a walk in the next park, where a lot of birds are. I am sure you will find heaps. 


Needle- to stick the pearls onto the wool