Church of the good shepherd, Lake Tekapo

This little cute church is actually very big. Because from that location you don’t just have an amazing view at the lake, you also have the chance of one of the most beautiful sky of stars in the world. This point stands as one of the darkest in the world, and sure this is perfect to see the stars and catch a little look in the universe.

At the daytime the lake in front of the church is perfect for having a picnic or a walk. It doesn’t matter if summer or winter, it is always nice. And when the weather is clear enough you should take a blanket (in winter maybe a few more), lay down and just look at the stars. The best time is between 11-12 pm at night.  The longer you watch, the more stars you will see and even the milky way is visible with plain eyes.

Whoever is travelling to the South Island of New Zealand should visit this little church.

Unfortunately, there are not really sides close by where you can camp for free, as they are doing controls as well. But there is a Hostels, Hotels and a Caravan Park which certainly cost something.



Have a lovely stay!

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