Angkor Wat- The Temple City

Angkor Wat is an unforgettable travel through our past.

In the 12th Century they build it as Buddhism Temples. Today the ruins are the biggest religious monument in the world. It even counts to one of the world miracles. 

The best is to rent a Bicycle in the neighbor city Siem Reap. From there it is a 30 minutes bike ride to Angkor Wat. On the way you should buy a ticket at a little office. You can choose a one-day ticket or a 2 or 3-day ticket.  


As soon as you arrive in Angkor Wat you will see the main temple. The best time to go there is for the sunrise, because the sun is going up right behind the old temple. But you need to be there already at 4 in the morning. 


The ruins of the main temple are breathtaking and when you walk through the long and curvy paths you will feel like in a video game. From that background it was the Inspiration for the scenery of the famous video game Lara Croft. The same movie got produced in those walls as well.

After the main temple you will drive through the nature and discover more and more temples. In some of them you can still walk, but some are just ruins of stones.





Absolutely special to me was one of the smaller temples, which was sitting deeper in the forest. On the walls of that temple, a massive tree was growing.



From there on, we saw a lot of trees growing almost inside those old stones. It was spectacular and just wonderful.

I felt a bit like in the movie the Junglebook. Not just the temples remind me on that movie. Especially all the little monkey which were sitting above them. But unfortunately, many monkeys got spoiled by humans. Most of them are desperately after food and if they don’t get it, they don’t have a problem to open Backpacks, steal stuff from hands or even get aggressive sometimes. So please be careful, monkeys are not always as cute as they are looking like.

However, those little city is incredibly beautiful and an adventure to walk through. You should take at least one whole day time to explore. They also offer Trips with Tuk Tuks (little Bike Carriage), which could be up to three days.  

In those old temples you will feel like cursed and there is a very mysterious atmosphere, and maybe you will still feel spirits there.


A must do for everybody who is in Cambodia.




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