Vegan Lemon Cheesecake


175 g        Dates

1               Lemon

2 tsp         Coconut Oil 

2               Lemon Zests

150 g        Cashewnuts

80 g          Coconut Butter

4 tsp         Maple Syrup or Honey


1/2 tsp      Tumeric Powder 

1               Springform


And how am I doing this beautiful cake?

1. Soak Cashewnuts for 30 minutes in boiling water (don't boil them)

2. Put the Dates and the Coconut Oil into a blender. Mix it until it becomes a sticky paste. This is the base for the cake, which you put     on the bottom of the Springform. After that put it in the ´freezer until the rest is done. 

3. Peel the yest of two Lemons into a blender

4. Fill the juice of one Lemon into the blender as well and all the other ingredients. Mix it until it becomes a creamy dough

5. Get the springform out of the freezer and put the creamy dough on top of the base. 

6. Decorate it like you want 


7. Put it for approximately two hours in the freezer

A little Tip- How to make coconut butter by yourself?

That is very easy. Just fill around 1 cup coconut flakes into a blender and add a tiny bit of coconut cream. Mix it until it becomes a thick cream. 






Bon Appetit!

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