Vegan Avocado- Kale Pasta

Enjoy a very fresh and healthy Pasta. This is a every day recipe for Lunch or Dinner, and not just for special events. 


Ingredients for 4 Person: 

300 g        Pasta (Gluten-free)

2               Tomatoes 

1               Onion

2               Garlic Cloves (alternative Garlic                             Powder or Garlic Cream

2 tsp          Olive Oil

150 g         Kale

2                Avocado

1                Lemon

1 tsp          Salt, Pepper, Mixed Herbs

1/2 tsp       Chillipowder


And how do I make it?

1. Boil Pasta until soft

2. In the meanwhile cut Tomatoes in little cubes and put it to the side

3. Cut Onions in little cubes and put it together with the Olive Oil and the Garlic in a hot Pan for 3 minutes

4. Pluck the leaves of the Kale and put it also in the Pan for 3 minutes further

5. Peel the Avocados and put it into a blender

6. Put all the other Ingredients also in the blender, together with the Juice of one Lemon and 200 ml of water. Mix it until it             becomes a creamy sauce

7. Fill the sauce directly from the blender back into the hot pan

8. Put all the spices inside, included Salt and Pepper and give it a good stir

9. Fill the Pasta into the Pan and give it a good stir together with the sauce. Leave it in the Pan for 3 minutes








Bon Appetit 

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