The Grounds of Alexandria

Customized like a little village The Grounds of Alexandria impress customers with its charme and character. If you go around you can feel the mix of old Italian flair and rustic Australian establishment. You will find those two characters, the mixture of Italy and Australia, also in the menus.


When you walk in, you will see on the left hand side a huge restaurant which looks like an oversized greenhouse. Hundredths of plants are around, above and underneath the tables and a colorful parrot welcomes the people. The Toilets in this room remember on the Toscana in Italy, full with wood, lavender and flowers.


Just behind that place is another Restaurant, whit a bar which reminds on a very old library. And when you take the exit over there, you will come into a cute little street with a lot of flowers and a little Market where they sell self-made craft and food. You will find also a shop for flowers there.  


On the opposite of this little path there is another Restaurant, which is more just outside area with a roof. This place looks very rustic and reminds on an old cowboy town. The Toilets there are amazing and they are looking like a horse stable. The very special thing in this Restaurant is a little Zoo. There you will find a monstrously Pig, a goat and a chicken running around in a special area. You can cuddle and watch them while having a delicious coffee.


In the end, there is the third Restaurant which looks like the main part of the village. As soon as you come in you will find a huge bakery with self-made and extremely good bread, cakes, pastries and a wide range of different coffees. There are little samples, to taste the bread.


Behind that bakery there is another Restaurant. From there you can see the huge open Kitchen. The food is amazing and the atmosphere very cozy and comfortable as well as modern with a lot of special details in the decoration.



It is not just a culinary experience. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Drinks, Zoo or just shopping, if you like the romantic Italian style you will love The Grounds of Alexandria.



You shouldn’t miss a visit 😊

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