Popstic Icecream :)


This is a MUST for everybody who visit or lives in Melbourne. I used to work in this cute little Ice-cream Shop and appreciated it a lot.  

Who likes unique and very special Ice-Cream shouldn’t give it a miss.


I start with the legendary Posticks, which you can’t just get in cute Shapes, also in fancy Flavors. If you are on a girl’s night out, you don’t need to buy a cocktail anymore. You can just pop in and get an Alcohol Popstick in Flavors like Mochito, Peach Prosecco, Gin Tonic and more. The best thing- it has almost the same affect as a real Glass of those Drinks.

But not just party people get their money worth. Also the healthy ones. Because Popstic offers a wide variety of gluten and dairy free as well as vegan flavors like Coconut, Raspberry and much more.

And of course, not to forget the unforgettable milk ice-cream in flavours like chocolate, cookies n’ cream, peppermint and more.

You can get most of those ice-creams as a scoop or as a Popstick.


I watched how the owner of this shop creates his ice-cream with a lot of passion and love. All of the ingredients are chosen carefully and he knows and absolutely appreciate what he is doing.



You will find this Popstic as a little card in the middle of Federation Square in the CBC of Melbourne.

Just a few meters more down, next to the Riverland Restaurant, you will find the shop. There you have a wonderful view over the Skyline and the River and also the possibility to sit down.

The opening hours are Monday to Sunday 11 am to 5 pm. But you can find Popstic also at a lot of events. There you have the chance to enjoy the delicious ice-cream even until midnight.


If you are in Melbourne- don’t miss to try it 😊



                                          Have fun!

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