Old Tailem Town :)

An older man is living here with his wife. 30 years ago, he got the idea, to collect old houses. Yes- houses.


In Australia, it is typical to build houses without a basement, so you can just carry them.


This guy searched the last 30 years for old and historical houses which were close to demolishing. He rescued those houses and build an own town. Old Tailem Town was established and brings those dead houses back to life.



Those ones who love Vintage and are interested in the history of Australia would love


Old Tailem Town.


After many years, he creates a world for itself. In this town, you can find original houses from the 18th and early 19th century, old churches, bars, dance clubs, restaurants, shops, pharmacies, hospitals, old-timer cars, machinery and even an old cinema which is still working.


The most mysterious thing is, that you are welcome to walk in every single house. Inside you will find the original establishment. It seems like the people just left their houses five minutes ago. Cutlery, Plates and Glasses are still on the tables, blankets are looking used, clothes lying around and in some of those houses are even Puppets, who gives the last thrilling kick to make it look extremely real.


As I walked through those houses, I felt the vibes of an earlier life. It is such an amazing feeling there. On special days, they even offer ghost tours- for the very brave guys.


He put a lot of love in this town. In every single detail, you can see his passion. You can see this lovely old man on the property the whole day. He is taking care of everything and renew things which are damage.


All of you, who wants to see something else than the Great Ocean Road, should visit Old Tailem Town. I also want to support this lovely old guy to get more tourists and let this town revive. Because I think, that many people just passed it on the way to Adelaide or Mount Gambier, without stopping.



You should bring 3 to 4 hours’ time. It is so worth it and you won’t forget this journey into the past of Australia.

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