Koh Rong :)

When people thing about Cambodia, they most likely connect the country with Angkor Wat, which is the stunning and extremely old temple village close to Siem Reap.


But in the very south of the country there is also Koh Rong, a little tropical and beautiful Island.


Koh Rong is just natural and no cars or streets exist there. If you visit the island, you can leave your shoes back home because there is nothing else than sand.

The only transport are the local boats.



In the middle of the Island is a tropical forest. When you walk through it, you will reach the other side of the beach which is quieter, without any houses. But you need to walk carefully because this Island is the home of many snakes as well.


On the main side, where you will arrive with the boat, you will find a little esplanade which is around 700-meter long. There are many little wooden houses with restaurants, shops, bars and café’s inside. In between and a little bit up to the forest there are Hotels and Hostels.


When you walk towards north along the Esplanade, the beach is getting quieter and you will reach an area where you find more high grate hotels. From the outside, there is almost no difference between all the other little wooden cabins on the island. It will be the Inside and the service of those Hotels which makes a difference. And for sure, you will have just your own space there, without other people. While the other and cheaper Hotels are closer to the Esplanade and you will find more people there. But from my point of the view this Island was never too full of people. You can have a walk or a swim without any massive tourist stress. It was always just on a perfect level.


A lot of Hotels there are not registered in the internet, so you can’t book in advance. I would always recommend to just go there and have a look which hotel you like and just book directly there. Sometimes that will be even cheaper because you can also be dealing with the price.


On the south side of the Island is the “Police Beach” which is the local Nightclub. The sea is used as the dancefloor and there are typical beach bars underneath palms where you can get amazing cocktails. The music is great and you can meet people from all over the world. Every night the locals are doing fire shows, which are unbelievable great. When there is full moon, the island shines in an extremely beautiful light and it looks great when the moon is being reflected in the sea. For that reason, they are doing full moon parties at the police beach as well and it is definitely worth it to go there.


Close to the police beach is a tiny village where the locals are living. There is also a little school and all the people are very happy if travelers volunteer to help children with teaching, manual things or just general activities. They can use every help and are very grateful and lovely.



The food in Cambodia is, like everywhere in Asia, amazing. The funny thing is they are using two currencies. They have the Cambodian Riel but also The US Dollar, which is the main currency.




Koh Rong is the perfect Island to relax and meet people. It doesn’t matter in which hotel you stay, you are never more far away from the beach than 100 meters. You can use the very early day to do morning sport, yoga or meditation. It is just quit and you can enjoy the extremely clear and turquoise water.




Relaxed, harmonic and magical beautiful.




For those ones who loves tropical Islands without traffic or pollution and without too many tourists, Koh Rong will be perfect and you shouldn’t miss it.


You can reach the capital Phnom Penh by Airplane. From there you can take a bus to Sihanoukville from where you reach the boat to Koh Rong. Sihanoukville is very beautiful too and if you decide to stay there, you should book a hotel in Otres Beach. A Tuk Tuk driver will bring you there from the bus station. The hotels are just in front of the water and when you lay in the bed, you can hear the waves of the ocean just next to you. Unforgettable.



But the Bus rides can be very tricky in Cambodia so you should prepare yourself for a not comfortable ride, it doesn’t matter which bus company. Cars and Taxis are quite the same. But if you want to hear more stories about the traffic and other things in South East Asia you shouldn’t miss my next blog texts about my Asian experience.

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