Hahndorf :)

Just by an accident we passed this extremely cute little village, close to Adelaide.


I remember, that I was hungry and we stopped at a little bakery in the middle of nowhere. This bakery was very unhygienic but my hunger bigger. So, I have got a bread roll there.

I didn’t know, that we will arrive the cutest village with the most amazing bakeries just 15 minutes later.


I have already seen the sign with the name Hahndorf and was wondering about the German sound.


And so, it was. A very old and historic little German town in the middle of Australia.


This village is full of love and passion. You will find everything in one big avenue with a lot of beautiful red trees on the side.

100 years ago, a German colony came and build up those village. And next to the typical Australian and romantic Victorian architectural style you will see a lot of typical German style brick houses with peaked roofs.


You will find a lot of fabulous and special German Cafes, Bakeries, Restaurants and Breweries. There are little shops with handmade crafts and Souvenirs from Germany. Also, there is a little park, a museum, a vineyard, a caravan park and a few hotels.


 Hahndorf reminds me on a little fairytale village.



We were just on the way to Adelaide. But we felt in love with this town, so we decided to stay for 2 days. For those ones who like it cozy and comfortable shouldn`t miss that out.

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