Cave Lodge Hostel :)


In the very north of Thailand is a little Hippie town, called Pai. A place full of character, art and love and one of my favorite places on earth so far.


But I want to specialize just on the unique and less common travel advices. So I won’t talk too much about Pie and instead of that, I want to tell you about the unforgettable Hostel “Lodge Cave” in the middle of the rainforest, close to the caves near Pie.


Who stays in Pie and plan a tour to the caves, shouldn’t miss a night in the Lodge Cave Hostel.



In the middle of the rainforest, you will sleep in wooden cabins, which all have taster beds. In the middle is a big wooden restaurant with a cozy fire place (who has ever been in Pai knows, how cold it gets at nighttime).  The food is, like everywhere in Thailand, amazing with a large selection of delicious things.


From the restaurant, you can take a little wooden path to a tiny pavilion under trees. It is wonderful to sit there in the evening, being in harmony with the nature and enjoy the sound of chirping crickets.


Who like more company, can get a drink, go to the fire place and meet people from all over the world. And if you are lucky, there might be someone playing an instrument and ensure a cozy atmosphere with nice songs.


The Hostel is in the middle of the rainforest, so you shouldn’t be afraid of insects, which are sometimes also a little bit bigger than usual.


 Who like it rusty, earthy, cozy and comfortable will love this hostel.

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