Cafe Culture Auckland

 Who want to discover New Zealand starts their journey often in Auckland. And even if many people, especially traveler, doesn’t like the city that much. Those people, who loves coffee shouldn’t miss a visit in one of the elegant or cozy cafes.


I love coffee and I gained knowledge about it, because I worked a long time in different cafes in Auckland.



You will hardly find boring and simple cabinets. Instead of this, there is a colorful variety of Cakes, Pastries, Savories, Drinks and other specialties. Most of the time this is supplemented by a wide ranged breakfast and lunch menu from the kitchen.



 In a lot of cafes, the chefs are doing a kind of artwork with the food. The eyes are eating as well and the food never looks boring. Sometimes, the breakfast looks more like a colorful spring garden, than just pancakes. And for sure, not just the look of it is amazing. The food taste extremely good and ingredients are chosen carefully.



Ahead of many other cities I know, they offer a good variety of vegan, gluten- and dairy free products.


The decoration and the establishment is always very beautiful and with love to the detail.


You can find elegant and modern cafes as well as cute, characteristic and vintage style locations.


And of course, I shouldn’t forget to tell you about the most important thing- the coffee. My favourite beans called Surpreme and a lot of cafes in Auckland are using it. Often you will already find a little Supreme sign outside the shop.


Professional Baristas prepare individual coffees and take care of the customers wish.


If you love coffee and plan to visit Auckland, don’t miss out the great cafes over there.




Here is a choice of a few special Auckland cafes:

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