My Christmas Miracle and why bad Situations turn out as something very good sometimes


Once upon a time, many years ago there were twins whose deepest wish was it to find a lovely man and get married. The girls were searching for their prince already a long time, but without any success. And then the day came, where they decided to saddle their horses and travel through the world, to find the right man. The way was very long and it was hard for them to say goodbye to their mother and father. But it was the right time. After they travelled already a few weeks, they arrived at a little village. At a cozy looking restaurant, they asked the owner, if he would give them an accommodation for the night and something warm to eat. The man was looking at the girls, then he smiled and said, “Oh yes for sure, just come in pretty girls, we will make your stay as pleasant as we can.” They were so happy and had an awesome and deep sleep the night.


But as the girls woke up the next morning, they got a shock as they observed the room. Everything was gone. Their beautiful jewelry which they got from their mom, the leather bags from their dad. As they were running outside they saw that even their horses got stolen. The girls started to be afraid and ran out of the village. They walked a long time until they were exhausted and felt down on a field. One of the sister said to the other one: “My dear sister, why we always have such bad luck. Since years we already searching for a man and now our valuables and even our trustful horses got stolen, I don’t know what to do anymore.” But in the same moment, they heard two horses coming. They saw two men passing their way. They stopped their horses as they saw the girls. “Are you the girls whose horses and belongings got stolen?”, they asked. The girls were wondering how they would know it and they told them, that somebody in the village was watching all that situation and called them to help and get back the belongings. The girls jumped on the horses of the men and got back to the village. They didn’t just find all their belongings, they also felt in love with each other and a few weeks later a big wedding happened in their hometown and everybody was happy.




If the girls wouldn’t travel through the world, they wouldn’t get robbed. If they wouldn’t get robbed, they wouldn’t have find their princes and maybe they would still search today.




This story deals with Situations which seems sometimes very bad to us, but especially these situations turn often out as something good in the end.




Not every bad situation must be bad.




In the end, you will always see the light anyway. And it is so important to realize that. We should be aware that in the end everything will be fine and go back to our sense of basic trust, it doesn’t matter what happen.


I am pretty sure that there are no coincidences in life. Everything happened for a certain reason to let us experience. It is absolutely not worth it to be desperate and fall down into a hole of self-pity, because this will make things just worse. Things which we are not able to change anyway, because it is the past. But to stay positive and just wait how situations will turn out is significant to feel good or bad about a happening.




Just let the life do, and let it come how it comes.




Lay down, relax and observe. The universe will be always good to you, there are no evil plans. And even the bad things are good for something.




A nice movie which fits to this topic is “The Butterfly Effect”. A man has the ability to go back in the past through his thoughts. He uses this ability to fix things in the past which weren’t running that great. So, he fixed one situation and as he went back to the present, this situation is like he wants to in the present. But because he changed one certain situation, another situations changed as well. So, he went back in the past again to change other things. But as soon as he changed one thing, there are always other things which changed as well because of that. So, in the end he realized that the best thing to do is just stick to the first plan because it is meant to be like that. It is not worth it to change things, because things happen anyway.




Failures are there to make, we need mistakes and failures in our life’s.




Without them, we won’t be able to create ourselves and we won’t be able to know what is right and wrong.




It is like baking. If there is a special ingredient missing like yeast for example, the cake won’t grow in the oven. So, mistakes are an important ingredient for our human life. Without them we can’t grow because we need to see the relativity. If we never make mistakes, how can we know what is right? Let’s just be happy and thankful for our fails and for situations which are not running that great. Because often, the outcoming of those bad situations are good ones, like in my little story on the top. We should consider those situations as something what just happen to manifest something else. And something else can be another happening, another part of life or just the growth of ourselves.




My point of the view doesn’t change just because of life experience. A lot of very good books, podcasts and documentaries about spirituality, far eastern life- and nutrition advices as well as daily meditation helped me a lot to stay calm and relaxed. To see things in different angles and take situations as they come. I will link all those advices step by step on my homepage. Just have a look after every new blog story.




With the next story I will clarify, how negative situation can turn out as something very good in the end. And how it is so important to go back to our sense of basic trust, that everything will be good in the end, it doesn’t matter how hopeless situations seems sometimes.






It was last year Christmas 2016. I stayed in New Zealand at those time, like I am right now as well.


Me and my friend decided to celebrate Christmas at the beach in Mount Manganui, a little cute place at the east coast of the North Island. We booked a batch there, bought a Christmas Tree and a whole Duck to have a proper German Christmas Eve. We arrived at the 23th of December and spend the first night with decorating the tree.


The next day, which was the 24th of December, so the German Christmas Eve, we decided to go for a little hike at a beautiful waterfall. This waterfall was approximately one-hour drive into the forest. It was in between very high cliffs and as we arrived, we could see it from above and it was looking stunning. But for sure, we wanted to go down.


Unfortunately, the walk way was closed because it is too dangerous walking down. But we still wanted to go down, so we tried another way. But after 10 Minutes’ walk, it was getting very dangerous. So, we just put our Backpack on the ground, hold ourselves on a tree to have a last look down.




But in this moment the Backpack just flew down the cliffs about 200 meters.




We looked at each other, looked down, looked at each other again and were just shocked. And then we realized what was inside. The car key, our wallets, 700 Dollar cash, the phone of my friend and the key for our house. One good thing was, that I still got my phone in my pocket. We tried to figure out what to do. We wanted to get the Backpack back.


So, my friend jumped over the fence to the normal walk way and went down, while I was waiting on the top. In the meanwhile, I called the Car company if there is any possibility to bring us a second key somehow. Because that was the most important thing. We were in the middle of nowhere and actually lost without a car. But unfortunately, they didn’t get any spare key for this model.


After two hours, my friend was back on the top. We decided to look for the next farm and ask for help. We walked out of the forest and we found a huge farm just on the street. A lot of Lamas were staying around and an old man came out of the house. We told him our situation and after a while he came back with a lot of ropes. I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea to climb down. And even his wife came and said, “please take care of my husband, I am afraid that something will happen because he is all what I got.” In this moment, I felt a deep compassion and under no circumstances I wanted my friend or the old man going down the cliffs. But try to prevent two strong-willed men from an adventure- impossible.


But as we arrived the spot, where we lost the backpack we all realized that it will be too dangerous for us. We are not experienced and it was a way too high.




The man went back to his house and we kept staying inside the forest to think, what we can do. It was already late afternoon and I just thought about our duck and the Christmas Eve.




In this moment, we met two German girls in the forest.




That was just amazing because they offered us a lift to our house. We got rid of the thought that we will get the backpack still on this day. We said yes and the girls drove us home. We called the owner of the Batch to bring us a spare key.


But one of the best parts was, we invited this girls for our Christmas Dinner. And they were happy about that because as they were travelling, they stayed far away from home and without us, they wouldn’t have a cozy Christmas Eve. We decided to don’t thing about what happened anymore in this night. The evening was amazing. We all fully enjoyed the dinner, our wine, the presents, the cute Christmas Tree and the harmonious music.




The next day something magical happened.




We tried to call an Abseiling Company. But this Company was 250 kilometers away from the place where we stayed at those time. But for any reason, my friend called them. A guy picked up the phone and we explained our situation. He said that he is just on the way to Mount Manganui to visit his parents for a Christmas Dinner. It was exactly this little place where we stayed. He told us he would love to help us and that he will arrive at hour place in around 3 hours to pick us up.


We couldn’t believe that. He arrived together with a friend and all his gear. We went back to the point where it happened. He said it is not the safest spot but it will be alright. He put all the ropes around some trees. His friend helped him a bit to go down the cliff. It was just unbelievable to watch that. It was dangerous and such an effort.




But this guy pretty much risk his life to help us strangers.




We were speechless and a prayed that everything will end up fine with him.


After a while his friend couldn’t feel any resistance anymore on the rope, which means that the guy reached the bottom. He walked back the proper way, which was official closed. After an hour, he arrived at the top with two Backpacks. He found ours and even another one.


That was a little miracle at this day.




I was overwhelmed of so much braveness and kindness.




Back at the car we gave him 200 Dollar, but he didn’t want to have that. He said it was just his pleasure to help. For sure we still gave him that. But the fact itself, that he helped us just like that and risk his life it was just amazing.




So, we drove back with our car and had an extremely nice rest of the holidays. We spend it in absolutely thankfulness.






This happening embellished our Christmas holiday a lot. First because we could give two girls, who would have spent Christmas Eve just in a dirty hostel, a nice, cozy and typical German night.  We spend the night in thankfulness to make some other people happy. We have celebrated this night without money, without phone, without our car and belongings. But all those material things never contribute a lovely night like that.




And we didn’t give any of those happenings the chance to ruin our Christmas.




We just had a deep trust that we will get our Backpack back somehow, even if we didn’t have any idea how at this stage.




But we trust, and if we trust the universe will do everything in one’s power to help.






With this story, I want to show you, how important it is to stay calm in such situations and go back to our basic trust. Because if we go inside this fully trust, something good will happen. But if we go crazy or wallow in our self-pity and tell ourselves how bad everything is, situations will be getting worse instead of better. Because we attract what we think and feel. Worries will not just affect the opposite of a good result, to be worried is also so unnecessary. When you worried too much, you won’t reach any harmony or peace.




To be worried will affect even more worries and bad things.




It is the simple Law of Attraction. And this Law of Attraction can be this typical Hamster wheel. A wheel full of worries and negative things, but it is our own decision to jump out of this wheel. We can decide how we see situations, how we feel and if we go in Trust or Anger.


And I know what I am talking about. Because I used to overreact in many Situations. But my experience teaches me how unnecessary it is and how much negative things I will attract. It is so much easier, more peaceful and relaxed to just go back to trust that everything will be fine.  


And so, we did Christmas. And as we can see, a little miracle happened the next day and we couldn’t have been more grateful these days.




When the next mess is coming, just stay calm and wait.




Go back in trust and let life do whatever it will do.




And look what will happen.


If we wouldn’t be relaxed at Christmas Eve, we would never had had a great night and maybe we wouldn’t even have got our belongings back. We would just lose a lot of energy and positive spirits. And if we don’t have that positive attitude inside us anymore, we will never attract positive things.




With these words.




Thank you so much to read my Blog. I appreciate that so much and hope you liked this story.


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Have a lovely day, wherever you are in the world!




Greetings from Auckland!




With Love






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