My Name is Cristin.



The sense of starting this blog is on the one hand to share, and on the other hand to help.


Because with all our thoughts, emotions and experience, we are not alone. The exchange of stories connects people and remind us how similar we are, but still how different. A wonderful feeling will arise. The feeling of unity.


The topic of my Blog is a composition of many little stories, which are turning step by step into a whole. You can see it like the chapter of a book, which ends for an indefinite period. This Blog leads back to pure life experience.


It involved personal development and deals with unique humans from all over the world, who gave me faith, love, courage or just their simple presence to go through certain situations and taught me, to never give up. My stories are dealing with peculiar life experiences, which I gained, especially on all my travels. It deals with mistakes, faith, hope and all those little details, which enrich my life and formed myself step by step into this person, who I am now. And still does.


Like Life does, with every one of us.


These stories, these exclusive events, accompany us our whole life and we never stop to experience and grow. Everything what happened, has a meaning and it doesn´t matter if positive or negative incidents, it will give us something essential for the path of life. Commonest it will be those little things, which seems like trivialities for us. These little happenings enrich our life the most and give us knowledge back, which we already forgot.


And I am sure, that many of you can identify with these stories and experiences. I know it from my own experience. Sometimes I hear a story and I think “wow, I am not the only one who feels like that or who experienced this.” And isn’t it good to know, that we are not the only maniacs in this world!? We have the chance and ability to share everything and that makes us to a whole. This is such amazing.


I want to share how I have got remind, knowing the meaning of strength and bravery, in a daring, adventurous and sometimes also sad way. How I laughed from the depth of my heart. How I was sometimes close to give up everything and how I got back and plumped down into love and trust. How I found the sun in the dark night.



And it doesn’t matter how hope-and loveless life seems sometimes, we can make it.


The only thing, what keeps us away is the faith and trust in ourselves and into the life, which is always by our side to support us, to give us light, but we rarely perceive it.




But most important, I want to show you, to never give up. I have been a lot of times in situations, where my friends told me, or pleading to me, to come back home. Home, where it is safety and where nothing can happen. But I didn’t give up, I stayed. And I am still alive. Much more than before. I grew, I became more strength, I am more mature and wiser, my personality is stronger and my fear and worries are less than before. I finally start to love myself. And that’s it. If we don’t give fear a chance, we don’t give life a chance either.


Years ago, I was struggling with massive psychological disorders. And sometimes, it was damn hard to go through certain times. But exactly this is our way and these times belong to our way, to our life like the birth and the death. Without these bad times, we won’t be able to be alive and to be happy. How can we appreciate the good days, without bad days?


When I look back to my life I realize now, that most of the negative parts, had something positive as well. The fear, the sadness, the desperation, all those feelings I went through let me remember, characterized me and shaped me into an interesting person. Life is doing this with all of us. We just need to go out. If we fight against our fear without going through, we will keep staying in the dark night, without seeing the sun.

I want to help you, going out of this bubble.


I hope I could inspire you with this Intro, to read my stories. This Blog also exists as an audio book. I did it in both varieties because sometimes it is very nice and helpful to just listen. You can listen while you have a walk in the sun, while you go to the train or while you are driving or be in the gym. 

You will find the Audio Book on my homepage for sure. But also on Spotify and Youtube with the name ‘Life on the Rocks’.


Next to all of this, it was always my dream to write a book. And I am a busy bee doing also this. It will be an exciting novel, about our mysterious life.


I am looking forward if you like my Blog and Podcast. And please leave me some comments. It will be very helpful for me to know, if you like it. In regular intervals, I will upload new blog entries and Audio books.. Please connect with me at Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to be updated.



 Thanks, from my heart.
















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    Romain (Mittwoch, 16 August 2017 20:34)

    Awesome Cristin! I wish you a lot of chapters, in addition of those you can already write down. Can't wait to read you. Bises, à bientôt!